Nobody's Clown (demo)

by Eggy Benedict

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Lately I've felt so young and old at the same time
I just can't seem to figure out where I stand
Caught between the youthful ignorance of a child
and the jaded bitter wisdom of a man

I'm a friend to the jester and an aide to the king
I make nobody laugh and I don't wear a crown
I just sit on the sidelines and take in the show
I ain't no leader and I ain't nobody's clown

so with a pocket full of quarters and ten cigarettes to burn
I will walk the streets 'til my feet start to bleed
make my way downtown and throw my body on the ground
and let this goddamn city swallow me

I'm a lover of the sidewalks and the painted yellow line
I don't play it safe but danger is not my middle name
forever a slave to the cracks in the pavement
straddling the line between confidence and shame

When it's all said and done
nobody will remember my name

so with a pocket full of pennies and three cigarettes to burn
I will stumble back down Royal Street alone


released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Eggy Benedict Boston, Massachusetts

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